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What’s it like at Skim Camp?

Each morning we meet in the parking lot at Tower Road, check-in, and fit campers with their boards. After a short warmup session, campers get a focused period of individual and group skimboarding instruction.  We take breaks for beach games, water, and food, as needed.

How old should my child be to attend camp?

Children should be SIX years old to register. They should be swimmers and ready for a 4-hour stretch on the beach focused on skimming. You know your child best. Please contact us regarding special circumstances. 

How long has the camp been around?

Tom and Dave Bracht started RELYance in 2014 and have created an awesome camp experience for young skimmers in Sussex County, DE. In addition to RELYance, the Brachts are busy growing their custom board business, Brother Surfcrafts. Enter Jack and Swain Lee, also brothers!  Jack and Swain attended RELYance Skim Camp for years and then became camp counselors. In 2021, Jack and Swain started as head counselors, running camp each day. 


What if I don’t have a skimboard?

No board? No problem! RELYance Skim Camp has over 30 boards for campers to use a variety of boards in different weights and sizes to fit every new rider. When you’re ready, we can even help you buy your first board to make sure you make the right investment.

What does RELYance provide?

We provide water refills.  COVID restrictions prevent RELYance from providing food and snacks to groups. All weekly campers receive a FREE t-shirt. 

What should campers bring with them?

Please pack a small bag with a towel, a drink, and a snack. Please apply sunscreen before you drop off.  We would be happy to help campers re-apply.


What happens if it rains?

RELYance will announce the decision to cancel or delay the start of camp due to bad weather by 8:00 am, and you will be notified by text, email, and/or phone call. If the weather forces a total cancellation, we will extend the camp week an extra day. If you cannot attend, we’ll issue a credit toward a future date. If it rains when you are scheduled for a private lesson, we will contact you to schedule a new day/time. There are no refunds for weather delays or cancellations.


Is the camp insured?

Yes, RELYance is fully insured. However, all campers and anyone taking a private lesson must sign a waiver. There are no exceptions.

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